Flash Review – Jobless Reincarnation (Vol. 6)

Rudeus and his crew are almost home free, but the final stretch stretches a little longer when the Man-God instructs Rudeus to be in a certain place in order to save his family’s maid and her daughter. He goes, but things go awry when it seems that he didn’t follow his instructions precisely, and what’s more, he can’t help but feel that Man-God has been guiding him because of plans he has for Ruijerd.

The Forgotten Introduction:

The first person Rudeus rescues is his little sister, Aisha, and after they evade their pursuers, the first thing she says to him is introduce herself: “Hi! My name’s Aisha!” They hold a conversation, and at the end of that conversation, Aisha asks him, with no hint of irony, “How do you know my name?!” and Rudeus, almost with no hint of irony, responds, “Egad! How do I know your name?!” Honest to Man-God. Honest to the Flying Spaghetti Monster and the Satanic Temple. How do I express how stupid this scene is? How am I supposed to react to the blatant, sheer, bold-faced stupidity of this? There’s stupid writing, as in, “I didn’t do the intelligent thing because my attention was elsewhere,” and then there’s this, which is a customer asking an employee what the store hours are when there’s a neon sign flashing half a meter from their face.

This series is stupid. Unabashedly brick-headed. I’ve seen anime which have deliberately dumb protagonists, but they can assuredly say that they have IQs higher than the interior of their refrigerators, unlike Rudeus.

I’ve tried putting up with this series. I really have. Word on the street is that these light novels are among the best, and when I first picked it up, I saw how that might be the case. But after a stellar first chapter and pretty great first volume, this series stopped putting in the effort and just churns out the same boring, uninspired nonsense.

Rudeus and Eris eat rice. Wow, so exciting.

Rudeus gets captured and taken prisoner. Haven’t seen that plot point before.

This series is shit. Absolute, unapologetic shit of the smelliest, stinkiest, dankest pile, and I can’t bear to read any more of it. I fear that if I do, my IQ will plummet until it’s lower than the interior of my refrigerator, but that might be the requirement for me to enjoy it.

The Verdict:

Makes for a pretty paperweight.

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