Flash Review – Rent-A-Girlfriend (Vol. 9-10)

Mizuhara’s birthday is coming up, and Kazuya’s not sure what to get her, which has to be the simplest problem a volume’s opened up with. He doesn’t get to enjoy this peace, however, because all the people in his orbit are stirring up trouble in one way or another. Ruka’s hell-bent on informing the world that she’s his babe, his grandma’s mad that he didn’t tell her about Mizuhara’s birthday, and then there’s the ticking time-bomb Mami.

Hold up—Kazuya’s not to blame for his current problems?

Amazingly enough, no. All the problems he has to wade through are brought on by his family and associates, though look back a volume and two and you’ll remember that he got here because of his own careless actions. I’m thankful Kazuya’s taking a vacation from mucking up things for a day. I just wish he would stay on vacation.

The Hug:

He and Mizuhara have, surprise, a fake date, but in the middle of the date, they hug, and we see that it makes her go beet red, indicating that she’s developing feelings for him, which I’m calling foul on. Kazuya’s done nothing but cause her trouble and then deliver some half-assed speech to get himself out of trouble. Why in the world would she ever think to herself, “Yes, this man is worthy of being my mate”? She had more sense at the beginning of the series, when she wouldn’t tolerate his malarkey for anything, though would because she’s prisoner in a poorly written series.

The Runaway Train:

Once more, we receive teases of Kazuya’s ex, Mami, popping in to set the dinner table askew, and they’re my favorite parts yet again. But like before, she’s not doing anything other than collecting intel and sowing distrust, and my patience is wearing thin for her to light the fuse on her dynamite. She’s like a train whose brakes have failed, and you know it’s gonna be pandemonium when she reaches the end of the tracks, but those tracks are mighty long, and I’m wondering which will come first: the Mami disaster or the heat death of the universe.

The Verdict:

I might be developing Stockholm Syndrome, because I actually liked this round of the series, and not in the love-to-hate kind of manner. I genuinely enjoyed it, though still so with a sadistic grin as I watched all of Kazuya’s mistakes boomerang back into his face.

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