Flash Review – I Love Yuri and I Got Bodyswapped with a Fujoshi!

Nothing in this world is more blessed than two girls in love. It’s such a sacred thing that men shouldn’t exist, period. They should just vanish off the face of the planet so that all the ladies have ultimate freedom to be with each other. Such is the greatest wish of Reiji Yoshida, a yuri otaku who devotes his life and wallet exclusively to the consumption of girls’ love. That life gets turned on its head when he pisses off a ghost and is cursed together with his classmate Mitsuru Hoshina, a girl who loves nothing more than two guys getting it on. They’re total opposites, which is bad on a normal day and worse after they’re cursed to switch bodies.

The Missed Potential:

Usually when I complain about something a series missed out on, it’s singular: some thing. Never have I read anything sitting on a goldmine that couldn’t be more arsed to pick up a shovel. Mishaps and misunderstandings are aplenty when you swap bodies with someone, especially someone of the opposite sex, but this manga at most digs out a nugget of that chaos before it gets bored and moves on to another vein. One markedly brilliant vein it was exceptional at ignoring is Hoshina. She’s just as much a victim in this bodyswap, yet all we see of her antics is a one-page gag. You’d think the second chapter would be her throwing a party because she no longer has to deal with periods.

The Unresolved:

In the same vein of barely picking at veins, a number of topics it brings up don’t see a conclusion. For instance, a middle school classmate of Yoshida transfers to his school and goes all doki-doki for him, but that’s where that romantic subplot ends. She doesn’t properly chase him and never gets around to confessing. Adding a third party throws a monogamous relationship into a frenzy, so imagine the turmoil that would’ve ensued when two of those parties have swapped genders. That’s an entire arc right there, but this manga is too lazy to work on anything beyond a single chapter.

The Verdict:

This manga is incomplete. There’s so much it could’ve done and plenty it was doing, but at some random point, it got fed up with gold-digging and packed up its tools. My disappointment is immeasurable. I can’t emphasize enough how much more I wanted from this series. It isn’t standout by any measure, but it’s charming, amusing, and fresh in its own right, and if it was more materialistic, it might’ve been something special.

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