You Oughta Read One-Punch Man

In a world where the greatest threat to humanity can erupt from the ground without the minorest warning, wielding supreme power would be supremely useful. No training arcs needed. You just strut up to the baddie, flick them in the nose, and the world is saved. Such is the luxury afforded to Saitama, a man … Continue reading You Oughta Read One-Punch Man

You Oughta Read Dr. Stone

Science is baaadass. Take a look around at our modern world and you'll see all the incredible things it's brought us: refrigeration, indoor heating, prescription glasses, cars, airplanes, bicycles, tricycles, the ability to troll some fourteen-year-old on the opposite side of the world, and a way for doctors to pump-start your heart with their bare … Continue reading You Oughta Read Dr. Stone

You Oughta Read Bottom-Tier Character Tomozaki

Life is a shitty game. This is the thesis of Tomozaki's monologue opening the first volume. Take a look around. Notice who people are. The beautiful are beautiful, the rich are rich, the athletic are athletic. Traits are immutable. If you're a grouch, you can't just will yourself into a philanthropist. Who you are is … Continue reading You Oughta Read Bottom-Tier Character Tomozaki