Flash Review – the gods lie.

Natsuru Nanao loves nothing more in the world than soccer. He lives it, he breathes it. However, he skimps out on his soccer camp when his replacement soccer coach, an elderly gentleman with more passion than skill for the sport, is replaced by a hardliner on practice and technique. His summer nights seem set to … Continue reading Flash Review – the gods lie.

Flash Review – Neru: Way of the Martial Artist

The martial arts are the lifeblood of Neruma Isami. He lives them, he breathes them, he even walks barefoot everywhere for training. However, he's all alone with this passion, having no compatriot to share it with, that is until he meets a girl, Akebi Haiba, who, after a brief spar, introduces him to Amato High … Continue reading Flash Review – Neru: Way of the Martial Artist

Flash Review – The Hunters Guild: Red Hood

It's a dangerous world out there. Werewolves stalk the lands, and if you haven't built yourself for combat, they'll handily pick off a village's population one-by-one. Because humans don't like anything higher than them on the food chain, they founded the Hunters Guild, which oversaw the extinction of dragons 500 years before, and now plots … Continue reading Flash Review – The Hunters Guild: Red Hood

Flash Review – Multi-Mind Mayhem (Vol. 1)

Dying sucks. Luckily for Masaharu Oka and Oka Sanai Sadatoshi, they get second chances at life by reincarnating in another world. Sort of. They don't get to move about as they please, because their souls are wedged together into a boy known as Bard, who retains his autonomy. However, their habitation influences Bard so that … Continue reading Flash Review – Multi-Mind Mayhem (Vol. 1)

Flash Review – Fly Me to the Moon (Vol. 4-6)

Nasa and Tsukasa have a successful meet-and-greet with the former's parents. When they return home, however, they find that their home has literally gone up in flames, with barely anything left aside from the foundation. Always one to be prepared, Nasa is unperturbed by this major setback, and the two bunk in with their friends … Continue reading Flash Review – Fly Me to the Moon (Vol. 4-6)