Flash Review – Rent-A-Girlfriend (Vol. 9-10)

Mizuhara's birthday is coming up, and Kazuya's not sure what to get her, which has to be the simplest problem a volume's opened up with. He doesn't get to enjoy this peace, however, because all the people in his orbit are stirring up trouble in one way or another. Ruka's hell-bent on informing the world … Continue reading Flash Review – Rent-A-Girlfriend (Vol. 9-10)

Flash Review – Rent-A-Girlfriend (Vol. 7-8)

Mizuhara has revealed her intention to quit her job as a rental girlfriend should her acting career take off, which appears to be a guarantee on the horizon. This devastates Kazuya, but he understands that he needs to accept that they'll part ways, as well as come to terms with his feelings. And then later, … Continue reading Flash Review – Rent-A-Girlfriend (Vol. 7-8)