Flash Review – WorldEnd (EX)

The core series might be wrapped up, but there are more tales than what the five main volumes relate. Seniorious, a sword yielding untold amounts of power, has a storied history, in which its wielders, though it granted them immense power and the capability to fell entire armies, were ones who dreamed of bright futures but destined to never live them. This volume shares anecdotes of two, Lillia Asplay and Chtholly, in the days before the conclusion to their inescapable fates.

Lillia’s Story:

Lillia is only ever shown in backstory and mentioned in passing, so this volume gives her a moment in the sun. Unfortunately for her, it’s a cloudy day, because her story isn’t that enthralling. It’s a lot of piddling around on her off-time, with only a handful of worthwhile bits. Some of its allegories surrounding her are intriguing to read, and the story peaks when she gets trapped in an incubus’s dream, but reaching those parts deserving a mention is a slog through some quite thick sludge.

Chtholly’s Story:

Hers takes place before she sets off for battle in the second volume, so it’s natural that not much should happen. The pacing’s about the same as Lillia’s short, but I was into Chtholly’s more, probably because she was the main heroine, so some affinity was present. But the entire purpose of this short is iffy, because in it, she realizes that she’s in love with Willem, even though previously, she had propositioned marriage to him. It’s been a while since I read the first volume, so its details are hazy, but I’m reasonably confident she had a thing for him back then. Seems moot to have all that and then have her in this side volume go, “Egad! I said and did all those lovely-dovey things because I’m in love with him!

Lakhesh’s Bit:

She’s the latest inheritor of Seniorious. Really, she doesn’t have a proper story. Just a couple of scenes of her cleaning the blade or chilling with her gal pals. Nothing to say on her.

The Verdict:

If you read and loved the main series and five volumes didn’t fill you up, this might feed you, but otherwise, there’s scarcely an item inside that adds to the series’s value.

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